Our Mission: AHAVA Kids exists for one reason: to discuss about rescuing orphaned young people from the crime of child trafficking, enslavement and exploitation throughout the world. Whether the world brings war, disease, poverty or disaster, it’s always children who pay the highest price. Now, they are specifically targeted.

One of the greatest violations of human rights in the world today is child trafficking. It happens to over a million children all over the world, although, as with any illegal activity, accurate information and data that conveys the true scale of the problem is still hard to measure accurately. Typically, these children are taken either through force or deception and trafficked to distant places, sometimes within their own country, sometimes to foreign lands. There they often join the millions of children already trapped in the commercial sex industry.

Traffickers are known to recruit their victims using a verity of methods. While abduction and kidnapping is often their tool, trafficking victims are very often trapped in more subversive ways. Typically, the traffickers promise their victims usually girls and young women, that they will have respectable work as waitresses or domestic servants in another place or country. Traffickers may also persuade parents that their children will have a better life elsewhere, a secure job and the chance of a better education and future. In fact, they are often selling them to filthy brothels. Some of these parents or girls may even know, or suspect, that they will be sex workers, but desperate poverty and lack of both education and awareness can lead to their willingness to accept any offer, no matter the risk to the children.

Since no one cares about them, children forced to work in the sex industry are at considerable risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. For girls, there is the added risk of very early pregnancy and permanent damage to their reproductive health. Some trafficked children are also subdued and controlled with drugs on which they become easily addicted. They are then effectively trapped within the cycle of exploitation, because continuing with the work is seen as the only way to obtain their supplies.

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