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Google ranking

Not everyone realize how much money can be earned from ranking on the page one of google results for a given query. As a matter of fact page one should be your goal in the game, as only less than 5% of searchers will have a look at page two and beyond, and this number is even lower for commercial queries.

Reaching page one for queries related to the product or service that you offer is a great achievement. But this is only the first battle to be fought. Interestingly the higher you are on page one, the more traffic you will receive, in an exponential sort of pattern. In other words the number 10 result may only get 1 or 2 % of the traffic, while the top spot will receive a massive 40% of the flow or so.

This is true for all kinds of listing, generic or local. Regarding New York City which is one of the most vibrant city in the world, with work, fun, gaming, entertainment and glamor, the number of daily local search engine queries is staggering. Even with a more local flavor such as ‘Midtown’, ‘Upper East Side’ or ‘Soho’, there are millions of commercial queries performed each month to look for a business solution.

Google strategy

So how do you rank on page one of google? This is the holy grail question for online marketing and this is done by using a methodology called search engine optimization.

First of all as a small business owner you do not want to take the gamble of not having a website if you have not one already.

Then in order for the site to be found in google, google has to decide that your site is relevant to the query in question. Not just that, it must also be more relevant than your competitors, and this is how you would rank above them.

You achieve this by having appropriate content on your website and by getting relevant links to it. These links show to google that your page is a reference online as other websites are linking to it. In other words it is equivalent to a vote in favor of your page.

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